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Alexis Gargaloni


Influenced by the rise of the Metaverse, Varia is a metaphor for the early failure and absurdity of this technology, as well as a research project on typographic shapes. Inspired by the optimisation system of geometry in 3D – Level Of Detail (LOD) – Varia evolves along an axis of the same name, and is composed of three styles: 0, 4 and 8. While Level 0 seems closer to traditional typography, it is a geometrical and “smoothed” version of the previous cuts, which already attempt to synthesize letters down to their most rudimentary forms. From the rigidity of shapes, the existential constraints that the research provides illustrate the retrograde and dystopian vision of the Metaverse, while at the same time offering a reassuring reflection of the future geometric transition of our bodies.


  • HES, 3rd year, ECAL Lausanne


  • Aurèle Sack, Gilles Gavillet