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Max Fingerhuth

5440 minutes to read through London

This book is a simulated journey, exploring the interventions of 29 students from the Fachklasse Grafik Luzern in London. You will experience the same things the students experienced when travelling from one intervention to another. An important tool the students used for orientation was Google Maps. Utilising the output of Google Maps, this book is based on a strict minute grid. With the options of either walking, taking the bus or the metro, the reader can vary their travelling speed and the amount of information they want. These different travelling speeds are visually represented through typographic size and hierarchies. This enables you to get a simulated version of the real-live experience of visiting the interventions in London.


  • EFZ, 3rd year, Fachklasse Grafik Luzern


  • Marco Backer, Valeria Bonin, Hanspeter Künzler, Michael Pilz, Patrina Strähl, Silvio Waser, Markus Wicki